• KUBOTA, Nonuo: Phonic Slices
KUBOTA, Nonuo. Phonic Slices. Toronto: Coach House Books, 2001. First Edition. 390x287mm. Self Wrappers. Very Good +. np [16 pages]. Almost fine; a few trace scuffs to the front cover and ver slight wear to the spine because of the tall shape of the book. Nobuo Kubota's bookwork Phonic Slices is one manifestation of a much larger project. Kubota began by randomly gluing wooden letters into a large sculptural work that he calls a 'phonic loaf.' He then sawed the loaf into slices, which yielded a sequence of sculptures that act as visual poems and sound scores for public performance. Next, Kubota made charcoal and graphite rubbings of the individual slices. A selection of these rubbings, along with treated scans of the original slices, make up the content of this book.

KUBOTA, Nonuo: Phonic Slices

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