• FARR, Roger [Ed]: Parser #1
FARR, Roger [Ed]. Parser #1. Vancouver: Parser, 2007. First Edition. 212x144mm. Trade Paperback. Fine. 99pp. A journal of new poetry & poetics. Contributions include: from The Essence of Jargon by Alice Backer-Ho (John McHale, trans.), Continue to Speak to Me by Alfredo Bonanno (W. Landstreicher, trans.), Anarchy in BC! Anti-Capitalist Struggle Outside the Union on Canada's 'Left Coast' by Roger Farr, from Acoma by P. Inman, For 'Terrorists' read 'Guerrillas' -- A Few Words on Journalism, Discourse, and Empire by Reg Johanson, from Decorum by Dorothy Trujillo Lusk, The Market Prefers & Watch by Aaron Vidaver, from Forage by Rita Wong.

FARR, Roger [Ed]: Parser #1

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