• WORTH, Liz: PostApoc, A Novel
WORTH, Liz. PostApoc: A Novel. Vancouver: Now Or Never Publishing, 2013. First Edition. 203x128mm. Trade Paperback. New. 184pp. Sole survivor of a suicide pact, Ang has fallen into an underground music scene obsessed with the idea of the end of the world. But when the end finally does come, Ang and her friends donít find the liberation they expected. Instead, those still alive are starving, strung out and struggling to survive in a world that no longer makes sense. As Ang navigates the worldís final days, her emotional and physical instability mix with growing uncertainty and she begins to distrust her perception in a place where nothing can ever be trusted for what it seems to be. Bleak and haunting, PostApoc blends poetry and punk rock, surrealism and stark imagery to tell the story of a girl wavering at the edge of her sanity.

WORTH, Liz: PostApoc, A Novel

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