• FASTRUP, Karen: Beloved of My 27 Senses
60% off the regular Retail Price of $25.00!Beloved of My 27 SensesFiction by Karen FastrupTranslated from the Danish by Tara F. ChaceTaking its title from Kurt Schwitter's fanatical love poem 'To Anna Blume,' Beloved of My 27 Senses depicts a sensory realm so advanced that our six senses simply aren't enough to truly perceive the world. At the age of 71, geologist Clemens Carlsen has set out into the Libyan Desert. His wife Anna has gone after him. No one knows where they are or why they're there. A search party has been sent to look for them. In a hotel in a desert town in Egypt, their son Tore is waiting. As he sifts through his parents' old journals, photographs, and scientific notes, their lives unfold before him; he discovers where they are and why.Karen Fastrup was born in 1967 and lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. She made her authorial debut in 2000 with the novel BrØnden (The Well).174 pages; 6x9; PerfectboundISBN 1 897388 20 9 / 978 1 897388 20 4Fiction

FASTRUP, Karen: Beloved of My 27 Senses

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