• ARTAUD, Antonin: The Monk
Creation Books, 2003. First Edition in English, translated from the French by John Phillips. 8vo. 310pp. Trade paperback. New. Artaud's evil simulacrum of The Monk is th only work of sustained fiction by the infamous literary provocateur. Taking Matthew Gregory Lewis's gothic novel of 1794 as the raw material for an astonishing exploration of the far edges of death, sexuality, terror, language and the body, discarding entire chapters, recreating others and stamping his own distinctive identity on the work in his avowed aim to accentuate the story's violence and atrocity to the maximal degere. In Artaud's The Monk, sexual obsession is irrepressibly crushed together with murder, cruelty and blasphemy. The result is a searing narrative of massacred nuns, raped virgins and satanic retribution which will leave the reader simultaneously ensnared, gratified and abused.

ARTAUD, Antonin: The Monk

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