• ANNHARTE: AKA Ingendagosekwe
ANNHARTE. AKA Ingendagosekwe. North Vancouver: Capilano University Editions, 2013. First Edition. 204x152mm. Trade Paperback. New. 227pp. Edited with an introduction by Reg Johanson. "Annharte's poetry is a wake-up call to a DE-poetics (demysitfy, decompose, derange etc.). With this collection of potent essays, diatribes, and meditations she described spaces for the "medicine lines" of a contact zone that should not, cannot, be avoided. Her stance intervenes and reflects as she troubles the decolonization of self. The friction, intelligence, and entertainment in the storytelling and thinking collected in AKA complements the DE-writing her poetry excells in. Prepare to be detained." ---Fred Wah.

ANNHARTE: AKA Ingendagosekwe

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