• DAVEY, Frank [Ed]: OPEN LETTER 11:8 Summer 2003

[5292] DAVEY, Frank [Ed]. OPEN LETTER 11:8 Summer 2003. Strathroy: Open Letter, 2003. First Edition. 215x139mm. Trade Paperback. Fine. 123pp. Contributions include: The Prophetic Poet of the Twentieth Century by DAVID ROSENBERG; An Interview with David W. McFadden by DONATO MANCINI; Anne Carson Thermodynamics: Dizzy Equilibrium by JEREMY LAWSON; Lingo-Logos: Neuropsychology, Reception Theory and the Alphabet Visualized by KARL JIRGENS; Living On: Survival by SUSAN MACFARLANE; [Writers and Economics Section: On the Rewards of Plagiarism by RYAN KNIGHTON; On Psychopathy TM by RYAN KNIGHTON; Technology and Publishing: Open Letters by DEE HORNE and PETER THOMPSON; Pseudonyms by GREGORY BETTS; 'Misshapen Chaos of well-seeming forms': Restricted and general economies in the concrete poetry of John Riddell, Darren Wershler-Henry and Steve McCaffery by DEREK BEAULIEU]; Notes with Regards to 'The' Open Letter Specifically as Related to Oversion's Presence by JOHN BARLOW.

DAVEY, Frank [Ed]: OPEN LETTER 11:8 Summer 2003

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