• FITZPATRICK, Ryan: 21st Century Monsters
FITZPATRICK, Ryan. 21st Century Monsters. Red Nettle Press, 2012. Limited Edition. 204x146mm. New. Printed sheets gathered and bound against reclaimed wood that was individually cut, sanded, and treated with natural tung oil in the spring sun. Bound with metric stainless steel nut / bolt and washer sets.Cover text is typeset in Century Bold Condensed and letterpress printed on handmade Moricki Kozo paper. Inner text is typeset in EuphemiaUCAS, with titles in Carleton, and laserjet printed on Neenah Classic Columns paper using archival quality inks. A poetic mashup of tweenage hollywood and heteronormative economics, 21st Century Monsters imagines a number of world-ending scenarios, from the collapse of the environment to the collapse of capitalism to the collapse of culture. Presenting a stock-ticker tableau of immanent disaster, these poems witness our own wide-eyed shock turned into reactionary fantasy while at the same time they plumb the sites of our fear, looking to form a primer on the things that terrify us, only to wonder what it is weíre so afraid of. One of 45 [f 48] copies. Shortlisted for the 2013 bpNichol Chapbook Award.

FITZPATRICK, Ryan: 21st Century Monsters

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