• ELLENWOOD, Ray: Egregore: The Montreal Automatist Movement
ELLENWOOD, Ray. Egregore: The Montreal Automatist Movement. Toronto: Exile Editions, 1992. First Edition. 211x267mm [oblong]. Trade Paperback. New. / New.. 357pp. Illustrated throughout with black and white plates; section of full colour plates, as well as frontispiece.Of the various groups and schools of artists in Canada, none was so diverse in talents, yet so cohesive, and none can claim so broad an impact on its society, as the group first called the Montreal Surrealists, later known as the Automatists. This book makes available for the first time in English, texts that are crucial to an understanding of Automatism, and indeed to an understanding of some of the most debated ideas of this century concerning art, its purpose, and its relation to society. Besides being a general history, it is an account of individual change and group dynamics, illustrated with reference to letters, personal accounts, magazine and newspaper articles, poems and plays, with photographs of people, events, documents and works of art.

ELLENWOOD, Ray: Egregore: The Montreal Automatist Movement

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