• Jin's Banana House and Don Collins: ITCH GALORE
[Toronto]: ITCH GALORE, Limited Edition. Square 24mo. Fine np. A variety of printed media bound together at the spine with two rivets. Contains photocopies sheets, sponge, bubblewrap and cloth, newpaper clippings, wallpaper, etc etc printed on by various means. Contributors include Louise Bak, John Barlow, Adrian Blackwell, Michael Buckalnd, T.M. Caldwell, Justin Cheng, Don Collins, Clive Coogan, cromezulu, Peter Dako, Andrew Duff, Gillian Frise, Louis Jacob, Kake, Jinhan Ko, Laura Kosterski, Liz Kourvaris, Patrikyia, Ron Pereault, Coman Poon, Suzan Poyraz, Emily Roach, Amy Rogers, Splinter (Ken Hayes and Barry Isenor, The Gregory K, Catherine Thomson, Kartz Ucci, Steve Venright, Julie Voyce, Neil Wiermik, Derrick Wang, and Christina Zeidler.

Jin's Banana House and Don Collins: ITCH GALORE

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