• BISSETT, bill: what fuckan theory: a study uv language
BISSETT, bill. what fuckan theory: a study uv language. Vancouver/Toronto: Blewointment Press/grOnk Press, 1971. Limited Edition. 355x126mm. Wrappers. Very Good. np. Legal sheets printed mimeo and stapled along spine edge into green paper covers; masking tape along the spine to cover staples. This is the uncommon first edition of biisett's only book of "non-fiction theory," issued around 1971. A co-publication with bpNichol's gronk press issued simultaneously with Nichol's Captain Poetry Poems -- this would be the last time the two poets worked together on a publishing venture, possibly because of the many errors in Nichol's book. This copy is a little rough, with the original hand-tipped label missing from the front cover (there is glue residue where it had been fixed) and the masking tape is broken and torn on the spine. The original RUSH stick remains on the front cover, and is often thought of as the title of this book (a more recent re-issue of the book in fact gives this as the title). A somewhat aged, but uncommon bissett item.

BISSETT, bill: what fuckan theory: a study uv language

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