• AZAROV, Vladimir: The Kiss from Mary Pickford
AZAROV, Vladimir. The Kiss from Mary Pickford: Cinematic Poems. Toronto: Tiny Van Publishing, 2011. First Edition. 191x125mm. Trade Paperback. New. 135pp. In 1926, after a visit to Moscow, Hollywood super-couple Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks unknowingly appeared in a film about a young man who wants to be a movie star to impress his girlfriend. Pickford only learned about the filme late in life, and Fairbanks died never knowing about it. In 2010, inspired by a commemorative statute of Mary Pickford he stumbled upon in downtown Toronto, poet Vladimir Azarov has here composed a collection of cinematic poems that revisits this unique moment in Russian film history, considers the phenomenon of Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, and meditated upon his own relationship to these international superstars.

AZAROV, Vladimir: The Kiss from Mary Pickford

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