BACHINSKY, Elizabeth. CURIO: Grotesques and Satires from the Electronic Age. Toronto: BookThug, 2009. Second Printing, Revised. 8vo. Perfect bound into Wrappers. New. 109pp. Curio is Elizabeth Bachinsky's elusive first book of poetry. Published just prior to Home of Sudden Service, a collection that went so far in another direction as to be nominated for a Governor General's Award in 2006, Curio offers a very different view of what Bachinsky is capable of as a poet, and invites her readers to consider a much wider version of her work as a whole. No one can truly hope to understand her work without reading this volume. This revised, second edition includes an afterword by K. Silem Mohammad. "Bachinsky writes for us, the inheritors of a debased estate in which the last elegiac strains are heard chiefly as canned schmaltz piped into the corridors." -- K. Silem Mohammad.


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