• Mental Radio No. 2
BURNHAM, Clint; CHAN, Katy; ERIKSEN, Ida; HARRIS, Gail; HUTZULAK, Clint; LAROCQUE, Lance (EDS). Mental Radio No. 2. Victoria / Toronto: Artdog Press / Contra Mundo Press, 1990. Limited Edition. 217x217mm. Stapled. Fine. np [52 pages]. Poetry by Maria Stewart, Nicholas Power, Kevin Connolly, Alec Streeter, Norman Nawrocki; Art by Ivo, Sexy Crayola, Ida Eriksen, Jay McLaughlin, Tusa Shea, Crad Kilodney, Thierry Kervonre, Pat Bevington; Fiction by Clint Hutzulak, Stuart "Pods" Ross, Patrick Roscoe, Louise Young; Criticism by Jim andrews; Review by Janice Ardreae. With promotional postcard featuring issue no. 2 cover art by IVO, a subscription card, and call for submission slip laid in.

Mental Radio No. 2

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