• PAPPO, Jonathan [Ed]: COUGH 4
PAPPO, Jonathan [Ed]. COUGH 4. Toronto: COUGH, 2014. Limited Edition. 280x219mm. Stapled.. Fine. 55pp., with two inserts. An occasional production of the bpNichol Lane Writing Group led by Victor Coleman and Michael Boughn. Contains work by David Peter Clark, Laine Bourassa, Erik Rapson, Carter West, Fan Wu, Michael Boughn, Zoe Alexis-Abrams, Andrei Anghelescu, Daniel Busheikin, Anne Douris, Sam Kaufman, John Bell, Mar Laporte, Nick Edwards, David Young, Oliver Cusimano, Brad Shubat, Tyler Crick, Jack Clark, Zach Buck, Yasusada, Gary Barwin, Dominique Russell, Frank O'Hara, Bill Berkson.

PAPPO, Jonathan [Ed]: COUGH 4

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