• OPEN LETTER 15:1 Convergences, Collaborative Expression
HAUSNER, Beatriz; JIRGENS, Karl [Editors]. OPEN LETTER 15:1 Convergences, Collaborative Expression. Strathroy: Open Letter, 2012. First Edition. 198x133mm. Trade Paperback. New. 175pp. Contributions include: Intriduction: Convergences, Collaborative Expression by Beatriz Hausner & Karl Jirgens; "Any differences between our versions and Scott's...": Collaboration, Anxiety of Influence, and a Translation of Anne Hebert's "Le Tombeau des rois by Lee Skallerup Besette; Quadrilogue: Having it Four-ways by Gregory Betts, Gary Barwin, derek beaulieu, High Thomas; Choreographic Poetics: Dance Adaptations of Michael Ondaatje's Writing by Katherine McLeod; I want to tell you love: Interview by bill bissett & Eric Schmaltz; About Our Images by Susana Wald; Intertextile: Text in Exile: Shmata Mash-Up, A Jewette for Two Voices by Maria Damon & Adeena Karasick; Vectors In Parallel: A Conversation on Interdisciplinary Practice by Sandra Alland & A.Rawlings; Canada's Premier Same-Sex Translating Couple: Theses on Two-Man Translation by David Homel & Fred A. Reed; Behind the Image: A Conversation by Robert Chafe, Michael Crummey, Tom Ue; Deme and Perse by Donatella Musso, with Translation and Commentary by Giuliana Sanguinetti, Anne Urbancic; Four Hands, Two Countries, One Story: Groud Zero by Melanie Gelinas & Elizabeth A. Zahnd; All Aboard the Writing Engine: How Innovative Poetry Missed the Train on Its Way to the Digital by Shaun Hanna; Being Real: A Lacanian Analysis of Anne Carson's Autobiography of Red As Autistic Fantasy by Concetta Principe; Writing Collis by Oana Avasilichioaei; Postscript by Genji Amino.

OPEN LETTER 15:1 Convergences, Collaborative Expression

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