• COLEMAN, Victor [ed]: Is. 11
COLEMAN, Victor [ed]. Is. 11. Toronto: The Coach House Press, 1972. Limited Edition. 209x145mm. Plastic Clip. Very Good. np. One of 500 copies issued. Guest edited by John Oughton. Contrinutors include: John Oarr Telfer, Colin Mortin, Noni Howard, Bill Watson, Delores Broten, K.J. Sherman, Fran Greisman, Opal L. Nations, Cam Christie, Sally Sales, Erling Friis-Bastaad, Sylvia Weinstock, Guy Birchard, Elissa Rosenberg, David Clarke, Gillian Robinson, Chris Hurst, Janice Zacherl, Colin Rutledge, Carolyn Grasser, Paul Shaw, Coney Burns, Allen Sutterfield, Pat Northrup, R.E. Graham, John Klavins, Robert Ulmer, Deneen Peckinpah, Keppie Gist, Michael Loftus, Harvey Scmiedecke, David Young, Claudia Lapp, Christopher Dewdney. One of 500 copies printed crazy Coach House style, bound into covers with a plastic clamp.

COLEMAN, Victor [ed]: Is. 11

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