• Mr. Magnanimous Number 1
OWEN, D.M.; DAVIS, Cathy; SMITH, Rick; CHADWICK, Norman (Eds). Mr. Magnanimous Number 1 March 1989. Toronto: Martin Garth Press, 1989. First Edition. 262x198mm. Stapled Wrappers. Good +. 47pp. Stapled, with black and white photograph tipped onto the front cover. Contains work by Dirk van Nouhuys, Brian David Jo(h)nston, Melody Wessel, Anita Coleman, Sean Gregory, Li Min Hua, Scott Bowering, Cathy Davis, Dennis Williams, Stacey Sollfrey, Sheila E. Murphy. The issue is dedicated to the memory of bpNichol. Fine, except the staples rusted, and ate away at the paper attaching the cover -- thus the cover has come away. But all is present of the first issue of this little magazine.

Mr. Magnanimous Number 1

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