• Open Letter 14:6 Remembering Barbara Godard
HENDERSON, KARPINSKI, SOWTON, ELLENWOOD (Eds). Open Letter 14:6 Remembering Barbara Godard. Strathroy: Open Letter, 2011. First Edition. 209x137mm. Trade Paperback. New. 170pp. Contributions include: Remembering Barbara Godard by RAY ELLENWOOD, JENNIFER HENDERSON, EVA C. KARPINSKI, IAN SOWTON; La Petite Musique de Barbara Godard by NICOLE BROSSARD; Portrait of Barbara, Ancestral Memories, In the Archive by BEATRICE HAUSNER; In the Drift of Language by DUNJA BAUS, MAJERO BOUMAN; Barbara Godard on Bloor Street by SHAUNA LANCIT; Barbara Godard by SHERRY SIMON; To: [bgodard@yorku.ca\\] by CHERYL SOURKES; Poetics of Resistance: the Work of Himani Bannerji by BARBARA GODARD; Colonialism, M»tissage, and the Logic of (Imperial) Relations: la Sagouine "parmi les sauvages." by MICHªLE LACOMBE; "Voile blanche pour madame Barbara Godard." by SUSAN MURPHY; Dashing Expectations: Textual Interventions, Visual and Representational Strategies by JANICE ANDREAE; Barbara Godard vs the Ethically Incomplete Intellectual by DARREN WERSHLER; "Re-Membering Thinking through Translation by EVA C. KARPINSKI; The Reduction Paradox: Impossible Translations of Nicole Brossard into English, for and after Barbara Godard by ROBERT MAJZELS; A Translation Trajectory: Interview with Barbara Godard, September/October 2001 by KATHY MEZEI; "From depths and ashes, love's eternal return" by NADINE BOLJKOVAC; Barbara Godard, Cenephile by Z˜E DRUICK.

Open Letter 14:6 Remembering Barbara Godard

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