• OPEN LETTER 14:2 Spring 2010 Why Are You Laughing?
BALL, Jonathan; FITZPATRICK, Ryan [Eds]. OPEN LETTER 14:2 Spring 2010 Why Are You Laughing?. Strathroy: Open Letter, 2010. First Edition. 8vo. Perfect bound into Wrappers. New. 126pp Introduction: The Joke and its Relation to Experimental Poetry by JONATHAN BALL; from The Sonnagrams by K. SILEM MOHAMMAD; Is There Humour in Experimental Writing? by SHARON MESMER; A Unicorn Boner for Humanity by SHARON MESMER; Evacuated Elmo Head Elmo by SHARON MESMER; When Tantric Sex Gets Ugly by SHARON MESMER; "At once a gossip and a revolutionary": Brian Joseph Davis's Portable Altamont and the Poetics of Gossip. MIKE ROBERSON; by Gossip! MIKE ROBERSON / BRIAN JOSEPH DAVIS; Calculogue by SUSAN HOLBROOK; Avant-Sword: Or ...? by COLIN SMITH; skank toons by COLIN SMITH; Destabilizing Architectures: Sublime Wit in Lisa Robertson's Occasional Work and Seven Walks from the Office for Soft Architecture. COLIN MARTIN; Leer Icky Males, or How Lisa Robertson's The Men is Fucking Hilarious. KEVIN MCPHERSON ECKHOFF; from Commit. KEVIN MCPHERSON ECKHOFF; Language is never funny: A Conversation. VANESSA PLACE / SINA QUEYRAS; Passing Between Two Toledos or Desperately Seeking SampedrÃn: Some Thoughts on Elisa SampedrÃn by NATALEE CAPLE; The Last Words in the Dictionary by ELISA SAMPÖDRIN; from The Semi-conducting Dictionary: Our Strindberg by NATALEE CAPLE; "Oh, I get it. I get jokes": Humour and the Requilting of the Social Field in Jeff Derksen's "But Could I make a Living from it." by RYAN FITZPATRICK.

OPEN LETTER 14:2 Spring 2010 Why Are You Laughing?

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