• OPEN LETTER 12:6. New Canadian Fiction
SHEARER, Karis [Ed]. OPEN LETTER 12:6. New Canadian Fiction. London [Ontario]: Open Letter, 2005. First Edition. 8vo. Perfect bound into Wrappers. New. 128pp. Contributions include: Introduction by KARIS SHEARER; 'This is what it is to read': Jessica Grant's Making Light of Tragedy by JESSICA SCHAGERL; New Yorker of the North: Russell Smith's Cosmopolitanism by AARON SCHNEIDER; May I Have the Envelope Please: Literary Awards and Contemporary Canadian Fiction by TERRI SUSAN ZURBRIGG; Suburbia on Trial: The Hoor of Lynn Crosbie's Paul's Case by IAN RAE; Light, Sweet Crude Futures: Speculating on Andre Alexis' Childhood by HEATHER SNELL; "Falling Awake": Grace and the Receptive Body in Lisa Moore's Open by KAYA FRASER; La Fragmentation temporelle dans The Wars a travers Temps et recit de Paul Ricoeur by MARC MORLAT; Bewilderness -- Gustave Morin's Fictional Disturbia by PAUL HEGEDUS; After Dryden by IAN RAE; Two Poems by AARON SCHNEIDER.

OPEN LETTER 12:6. New Canadian Fiction

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