• JAEGER, Peter; POUND, Scott [Eds]: OPEN LETTER 10:5. Pulp Theory
JAEGER, Peter; POUND, Scott [Eds]. OPEN LETTER 10:5. Pulp Theory. London [Ontario]: Open Letter, 1999. First Edition. 8vo. Perfect bound into Wrappers. Near Fine Introduction by PETER JAEGER & SCOTT POUND; Somber Up! by DEANNA FERGUSON; Rosicrucian Tourism by ELENI STECOPOULOUS; Six Poems by NANCY SHAW; Form Is Form by ROB MANERY; This & Thaz by MILES CHAMPION; Lachrymose Encaustic / Abrasive Tear by CHARLES BERNSTEIN; Oval Orifice by CRIS CHEEK and KEITH TUMA; Truncated/troncated by CAROLINE BERGVALL; Ouch of Here by BRUCE ANDREWS; Weory of Thriting by CLINT BURNHAM; True Fiction by ANDREW J. PATERSON; Practice / Editing / the Critic by MARK SUTHERLAND; The Engineers of Indeterminacy in Poststructural Poetics: An Idle Conversation Between the Author and Bakhtin's Dog by KARL JIRGENS; An Excerpt from Freud's "The Key to Success" by KEITH HAARTMAN; Questions for Peter and Scott by STEPHEN CAIN; The Trouble with Graduate School: A Found Critique by DARREN WERSHLER-HENRY; From Empire by DEIRDRE KOVAC; Apostrophe to Furniture by DAN FARRELL; Situation : Non-indifference : Theory and Current Poetics by TOM ORANGE; Lows Blow by LOUIS CABRI; On Singing Pictures in Poems as Verse by WENDY KRAMER; And Sometimes by CHRISTIAN BOK; Metaplasia / Metaplasm by MICHAEL BASINSKI; Sonnet 23 by TIM ATKINS; Jerk by JEFF DERKSEN.

JAEGER, Peter; POUND, Scott [Eds]: OPEN LETTER 10:5. Pulp Theory

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