• DORSCHT, Susan Rudy; MATHUR, Ashok; WAH, Fred [eds]: OPEN LETTER 8:5-6
DORSCHT, Susan Rudy; MATHUR, Ashok; WAH, Fred [eds]. OPEN LETTER 8:5-6. Winter-Spring 1993. Interventing the Text: The Calgary Conference , May 1991. London [Ontario]: Open Letter, 1993. First Edition. 8vo. Perfect bound into Wrappers. Fine. 231pp. Double Issue. Contributions include: A Different Nation / A Nation of Difference by TERRY GOLDIE; Artists Writing Artists by FRED WAH, MIREILLE PERRON, AMY GOGARTY, DAVID GARNEAU, LORNE FALK, ROB MILTHORP; Barbour's "Story for a Saskatchewan Night": Silence & Bliss & the Untenable Text by CHARLENE DIEHL-JONES; Boats by ROBERTA REES; Calipers by CAROLE THORPE; Eating My Mother's Country: Duff Cake by SUZETTE MAYR; English-Canadian Literature Periodicals, Text, Personality and Dissent by FRANK DAVEY; F(rrrrrrrrr)iction by SARAH MURPHY; from "Taken" by DAPHNE MARLATT; from "The Rubber Stamp Alphabet Warum" by LORNE FALK; Guest House by JANE WARREN; INTERSEXION: Blueline by BARB SCOTT; Interviews as Intervention: On Sounding Differences: Conversations with Canadian Women Writers by JANICE WILLIAMSON; Is There a Cow in this Symposium? Portrait of the Interventor as Four Left Hands Pointing by DENIS SAINT-JACQUES; OK. Bottom Line by MARY SCOTT; On this Third Anniversary of the Redress Settlement by ROY MIKI; Oral Thuggery by ARITHA VAN HERK; Orate or by ASHOK MATHUR; Solidified Ideology: The False Conflict by DOMINIQUE PERRON; State of the Art by CHARLES BERNSTEIN; Stealing Stories Still? or Native Literature and Restless Pedagogies by ASHOK MATHUR & ARUNA SRIVASTAVA; Subversive Tactics: Playful Exchange and Cultural Politics in Postmodernist Australian and Canadian Fiction by BRIAN EDWARDS; The Reader & You by GEORGE BOWERING; The Sequel by NICOLE MARKOTIC; tonnage and the breakdown by SONIA SMEE; Wide Awake in Dreamland by DAVID GARNEAU; windemere by KARL MEADE.

DORSCHT, Susan Rudy; MATHUR, Ashok; WAH, Fred [eds]: OPEN LETTER 8:5-6

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