• Open Letter Eighth Series, No. 4: Summer 1992
TOSTEVIN, Lola Lemire [ed]. OPEN LETTER 8:4. Redrawing the Lines: The Next Generation. London [Ontario]: Open Letter, 1992. First Edition. 8vo. Perfect bound into Wrappers. Fine. 110pp. Contributions include: Redrawing the Lines by LOLA LEMIRE TOSTEVIN; She Carries the Poem that Carries Me by JOANNE ARNOTT; Transforming the Most Sacred by BARBARA CAREY; Paren(t)hetic Remarks by CASTRICANO; re reading: blatantly autobiographical by NANCY CHATER; Three Versus by MARGARET CHRISTAKOS; Rattle & Itch by ANN DECTER; The mouth finds a letter, silver harness by LISE DOWNE; The Empress Has No Closure by ADEENA KARASICK; It Began with Pain, Swirled into Anger, then Spiralled into Freedom by ANGELA HRYNIUK; That: a way over to Yes by JACQUELINE LARSON; Is the Dead Author a Woman? by JANINE MARCHESSAULT; Feeling Lucky by NICOLE MARKOTIC, SONIA SMEE, SHARRON TURNER; Unseen Formations by ANNE MICHAELS; My Life Is Not Imagined by MONA OIKAWA; Writing: Resisting the Normalization of Sense by PATRICIA SEAMAN.

Open Letter Eighth Series, No. 4: Summer 1992

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